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Bar/Club Perth DJ Hire

“Finding the “right” Perth DJ to Hire, to produce the appropriate soundtrack for your Perth Bar or Club is a very important choice. Being a Perth DJ at many of Perth’s Bars, Clubs and Corporate Events, you, as the Publican of a venue, can relax in the knowledge that Perth DJ Giorgio Patino, will play the appropriate music format, whilst entertaining your patrons, as dictated and expected by you. “

You Set the Direction

Perth DJ Hire | As a Perth DJ at a public venue, it’s important not to lose sight of the primary reason why you are there?

“And it’s really simple…” to entertain the patrons within the guidelines as set by the publican.

It is also fair to say…while many Perth DJs are able to secure a prestigious gig at a Perth Bar or Club, after a while their “ego” may kick in, and their soundtrack for the venue may start to waiver/distort off the preset direction.

As a Professional Perth DJ Hire, (and having owned multiple businesses in the past) Perth DJ Hire Giorgio will not waiver off the predetermined direction as set by the publican.

You can be rest assured that Perth DJ Giorgio will seek and provide constructive feedback; whether positive or negative, to ensure that patrons are consuming and being entertained at the same time.


Why I love being a Perth DJ?

Why do I love DJing?

First and foremost I have a love and passion for music.

Without love or passion, I am nothing more than a glorified jukebox!

Secondly, my music and soundtrack, create human reactions.

I love watching people react to the soundtrack I create.

Whether I am a Perth DJ hire at a Perth Bar or Club, there’s nothing more refreshing when a patron or a staff member passes feedback and tells you, “Awesome Tunes”, or “I love your music.”


Experience and Skills as a Perth DJ

Back in the 80’s I started my career as a Perth DJ, playing on Turntables.

I made the transition to CD’s and now I play digital music using CDJ’s.

After many years of performing and experience, I have extended my beatmatching and phrasing skills.

If you’re looking to hire a Perth DJ that is Reliable, Mature within the Perth DJ Hire Industry, Friendly and Professional, then call Perth DJ Giorgio Patino now on 0404 344 762

Which Perth Bars and Clubs has Perth DJ Giorgio performed at?

Over the years, Perth DJ Giorgio Patino has had the pleasure of entertaining guests at many of Perth’s Bar and Clubs.

Listed below are some, not all, of the venue’s that Perth DJ Giorgio Patino has performed at:

  • The Reveley Rooftop Bar.

  • Capitol Nightclub.

  • The Hip-e Club.

  • Botanica Bar.

  • The Game (formerly the Deen.)

  • Bathers Beach Club.

  • The Broken Hill.

…and many others including…
SD Bakers Nightclub, The Racquet Club, Christy’s Nightclub, The Bog


Do you need to Hire DJ Equipment?

Perhaps you are toying with the idea of adding a Lounge/Chilled background atmosphere to your venue?

Or, perhaps you want to add a soundtrack to your venue without the capital purchase of audio equipment?

Or, perhaps you are simply looking at changing your current Perth DJ, but they provide their own Perth DJ/Audio equipment?

If you decide to employ Perth DJ Giorgio Patino for your venue, he can supply his own Professional, Concert Grade equipment, thus removing the need for any additional purchase of capital equipment.

Call Perth DJ Giorgio Patino to discuss your Music and Audio requirements on 0404 344 762.


Would you like to Meet Perth DJ Giorgio Patino before making a commitment?

Perth DJ Giorgio recommends to all his customers that prior to making a formal commitment or booking, you should meet him.

Perth DJ Giorgio provides an obligation free consultation service for all of his prospective customers to meet and discuss the details of their event with him – a Meet n Greet.

This is an opportune time to find out more about you, your expectations, and how together we can make the ideal soundtrack for your venue.

You can meet with Perth DJ Giorgio any time during normal business hours or after hours.

To make an appointment simply complete the Request a Quote Form, email [email protected] or call him on 0404 344 762.


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