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Hire a Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine for your Wedding | Special Event | Theatre Stage Play

Enhance your Bridal Dance or any other Special Event with a low-lying field of clouds.

Used in  TV Shows such as the X Factor and The Voice…and do you remember those yesteryear movies starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, when it appeared they Danced on the Clouds?

Hire a Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine, and make your “Bridal Dance” unique from all other Weddings.

Hire a Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine, and transform your next Birthday Party into a Birthday Party unlike any others!

Hire a Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine, and transform your next Stage Play with a Floor of Low Lying Hugging Clouds creating that “WOW” factor !

“Dancing on the Clouds!”

Your Wedding Day is one of the Biggest Days of your lives.
Your Wedding Reception is one of the Biggest Night’s of your Lives.
One of the most memorable moments of your wedding day is your Bridal Dance; your first dance together as Husband and Wife.

“Dancing on the Clouds!”

Imagine having your first dance on a romantic cloud of thick low lying smoke…
Your Photographs will look Stunning and Graceful, and your “Dancing on the Clouds” experience will be one…of many, talking points of your Wedding Day.
Turn one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day into a Unique Wedding Dance Experience.
Transform your Bridal Dance; your Pictures; and your Wedding Video from one of the biggest nights of your lives into a truly stunning, magical experience.

“The Ultimate First Dance Experience”


Beware of Cheap Imitations 

There are many Low Lying Dry Ice Fog machines available for hire in Perth…but…beware of Cheap Hire Fees.

Over the past 28 years I have owned many Low Lying Dry Ice Fog machines. (I’d say about 8.)

The price range to purchase one of these machines have been in the vicinity of $500.00 up to $1500.00.

None, and I repeat “None” of these machines created the “Dancing on the Clouds” effect I wanted to confidently offer my customers.

But Why?

To create the Low Lying Dry Ice Fog effect, approx. 5kg – 15kg (depending on machine) of ice is required.

This ice is then placed into the front compartment of the fog machine.

The machine then heats up to a temperature that is so hot…that it’s to hot too physically touch or handle.

The Dry Ice Machine is placed as close as possible to the dance floor, with an attached control unit on a 2 – 3m length of cable.

The operator then presses and holds the “smoke” button, and the Low Lying Dry Ice Fog machine should start blowing out low lying fog.

Now at first glance, the machine looks like it’s doing it’s job.

However, after approx 10 – 15 seconds of continuous operation, you will find:

  1. The Low Lying Fog Dry Ice machine will stop blowing fog as it needs to reheat. Normally it will take 3 – 5 minutes before you can start using the machine again.
  2. Many dance floors at Perth Weddings usually have a starting square meterage of 25 – 30 sq metres. These small low lying dry ice fog machines do not have the physical capacity to remain heated for the time it takes to fill the dance floor.

So after spending anywhere between $80 – $300 to hire these machines, you will find that you did not receive the “Dancing on the Cloud” effect.

No…instead you have hired an overrated smoke machine, where the smoke actually rose as opposed to hugging the dance floor.

Arriving August/September 2017

After many months of researching, hiring and testing various Low Lying Dry Ice Fog machines, I have finally came across a machine that will create the
“Dancing on the Cloud” effect that I always wanted for my customers.

Unlike it’ predecessors, this new Low Lying Dry Ice Fog machine doesn’t CONSUME ICE!

“No,” instead it uses water.

And since it only uses water, it does not require a long time to heat, and stay heated to operate. (The start up/heat up time is less than 4 minutes.)

The output of our new is Low Lying Fog machine 4400cuft/min, and it covers up to 300 square metres.

And the best part is…”it actually works and creates the “Dancing on Cloud” effect you are looking for.

Secure yours now for your next event.

The cost to hire Low Lying Fog machine is $295.00 per evening.

It’s even cheaper if you book a DJ service with it!

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