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Perth DJ Hire | My Commitment to You

“Just before I perform at my next event, I always think back to my previous DJ/MC performances, and think how I can make my next DJ/MC performance the best I have ever done?”

With over 28 years experience as a Perth DJ/MC, I place an enormous amount of pressure on myself to ensure I perform to the best of my ability.

I want to perform better than I did last week; better than I did last month and better than I did last year!

I want my guests to walk away from the event saying, “I had a blast” all because of my performance.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, “I love performing as a Perth DJ/MC.”

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Perth DJ Hire
Experience | Passion | Pride | Professionalism


With nearly 28 years experience, and having performed at over 4000 events since 1989, I have entertained thousands of guests at Perth Weddings, Bars, Clubs, Private and Corporate Events.
My Music Knowledge, MC skills and Technical DJ skills have been acquired through years of experience.
Having my level of experience at your next event will assist you in making your next event a huge success.


There’s no doubt in my mind, that I am Passionate in making your event a huge success.
On the day of any event, I always think of how I can improve my performance compared to my previous event while keeping in mind the expectations of my customers.
There is nothing more satisfying than to have your guests, your family and your friends thank YOU for such a wonderful evening, because of the entertainment they received at your event.


When I perform at your event, I take Pride and Ownership.
I realise the value of your investment and the emotion that you have placed on your event…I want the same as what you would want…an awesome evening to be enjoyed by all.
I present myself and equipment in a clean, respectable and professional manner.
I will treat your guests with respect, friendliness and courtesy.
I want you and your guests to remember your next event for all the right reasons!

Professionalism – “I’m a Professional”

From the very first phone call to the final song of your event, you will receive prompt and friendly communications.
You will be so grateful and relieved that you had employed such a Professional Perth DJ/MC in DJ Giorgio Patino.

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European DJ Hire Perth

Being a Perth born European of Italian and Greek parents, as a child I remember attending many Greek and Italian dinner dance nights with my family.

It wasn’t until I started DJing I realised that I already knew many of the songs that had been played at those evenings.

As time passed, I expanded my Greek and Italian music knowledge and culture.

In the beginning, I predominantly specialised in Italian and Greek events.

With that being said, over the last 28 years, I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining many guests at many European events.

I have performed at many Weddings, Birthday’s, Social Dinner Dances and a whole host of other functions.

However as my career blossomed, I had many more European Event Opportunities presented.

I can proudly say that I am a successful Perth DJ in the following cultures:

  • Italian DJ

  • Greek DJ

  • Arabic DJ

  • Macedonian DJ

  • Croatian DJ

  • Serbian DJ

  • Portuguese DJ

Over time, I have learned more and more about these different cultures; their music and a part of their languages.

And “Yes” I have MC’d and spoken Macedonian, Croatian and Serbian at many different events.

It’s an honour and pleasure to be a European DJ/MC, and of course an Australian DJ/MC.

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“To be a successful European DJ, you have to understand that many European people are patriotic of their origins and their provinces Eg Calabrese and Sicilians. You cannot play a Calabrese Tarantella at a Sicilian Dinner Dance! or you cannot speak in the dialect of Calabrese when the majority of the guests are from Abbruzzo!” by DJ Giorgio Patino


Perth DJ Hire | Music Knowledge

Music…the key ingredient to the success of any event.

Something that I have learned over the years is that music has the “power” to change emotions, and does cause a human reaction.

The music played at an event can “make or break” the event… and I am always looking for new music; “something different; yet not too obscure” to play at my next event.

I have a wide, diverse and intimate knowledge of music, and it’s continuously evolving.

The following styles and genre’s of music will surely assist in reaching and touching the most astute listeners of music for any event:

  • Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian

  • 50’s & 60’s – Croon to traditional Rock n Roll.

  • 70’s – the Disco Era. Eg The Jackson 5, Gloria Gaynor etc

  • 80’s – the era of synthesisers. The era of Cyndi Lauper, Soft Cell, The Buggles to name a few.

  • 90’s – the era when music went in so many directions. Eg MC Hammer, Technotronic, Prince, Nirvana…

  • 2000’s – the era of Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Usher, Flo Rida to name a few

  • 2010’s – the rise of popular DJ Producers such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii etc

  • House Music – Pop, Deep and Chill House

  • All styles of Pop Music

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Perth DJ Hire | What equipment do I use?

Equipment & Back-Up

The reproduction of music is also critical to the success of your event.

I have spared no expense nor missed any detail.

For every event I carry:

  • Apple Imac 20″ computer with an external hard drive.

  • A backup Apple MacBook Pro with a backup drive.

  • Concert Level; Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD/SD/USB/Rekordbox Players

  • Concert Level; Pioneer DJM850 Mixer

  • Professional Audio Level; Mackie SRM450 Powered Speakers & Powered Subwoofer; Series 1

  • Cordless Microphones

  • LED Lighting



Back in November 1989, when I first started my career as a Perth Mobile DJ, the #1 song in the Top 40 was Martika’s

“I feel the earth move!”

Perth Mobile DJs didn’t play music off CD’s or USB Sticks!! actually many of us Perth DJ’s used Belt Driven Turntables and Tape Decks.

Did we use LED Lighting effects?

No! Lighting was very simple…just 2 upright pillar boxes containing 3 or 4 coloured light globes that looked like a pair of traffic lights!

And the actual music itself… It was not stored on a USB stick or a Hard Drive. Your music as a Perth DJ was stored in crates…crates containing many vinyl records, and cases of cassettes.

I remember arriving at Perth DJ events and it would take me almost an hour to unload all of the equipment and music (most of the gear was very heavy then) and goodness me if you had a gig upstairs!

After my first event as a “trainee” Perth DJ, I was “hooked!” I absolutely loved the adrenalin rush it gave me…I loved people’s reaction to the music…and most of all I loved being a part of a very special event as I had/have the power to change people’s feelings by my choice of music.

As a Perth DJ, I am often asked, “do you get nervous when you speak on the microphone?”

And the honest answer to that question is “Yes.” Even til this day I still get nervous just before I speak or commence a Perth DJ event.

“But why?”

Perth DJ Hire Giorgio Patino says, “With over 28 years experience as a Perth DJ and MC, I place an enormous amount of pressure on myself to ensure I perform to the best of my ability. I want to perform better than I did last week; better than I did last month and better than I did last year! I want my guests to walk away from the event saying, “I had a blast” all because of my performance.”

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, “I love performing as a Perth DJ/MC.”

Growing Up with Music

I love and grew up with music…music was always around me

I remember my parents listening to Italian and Greek music, plus croon classics from Dean Martin, Perry Como and Doris Day!

My older Brother and Sister used to play the hits from the late 60’s and the Disco era of the 70’s on our home stereo system.

In my early teens, I listened to pop music on the radio (back in those days, the pop radio station to listen to was 6PM (now 92.9FM.)

However one of my favourite bands back in my teens was Kiss, and one of my favourite songs was Cheap Trick’s “If you want my love.”

I grew up in the 80’s listening to songs such as “Billie Jean”, “Islands in the Stream”, “Crazy little thing called love”, “Tainted Love”, “Video killed the radio star” etc.

It wasn’t until I was about 16 years old when I ended up in a Night Club and I watched a DJ playing on his decks, and it was then when I said to myself, “I want to do what he’s doing.”

Well, some 4 years later, I received my opportunity and I grasped it with both hands.

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