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Professional and Passionate | Wedding DJ Hire Perth | DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

What to consider when you want to hire a Wedding DJ in Perth?


Wedding Bridal Dance at City West Function Centre

Wedding DJ Hire Perth – Perth Wedding DJ, Giorgio Patino has met so many
“so called” Perth DJ’s.

These people have asked him for advice about equipment and what are great songs to play at Perth Weddings? etc etc

Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio has asked them questions such as “How long have you been a Perth Wedding DJ?” and “How many weddings have you played at?”

Unfortunately, many Perth Brides and Grooms have been caught booking these so called “Professional DJs.”

It’s not until they realise at their Perth Wedding Reception their so called “Professional Perth DJ,” does not have the Music as requested, the Equipment as told and more importantly the Experience to be a Professional Wedding DJ/MC.

Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio Patino says, “Don’t get caught!”

Many people out there have entered into the Perth Wedding Market as a DJ, because they downloaded a bunch of songs, and purchased some unreliable, cheap equipment. Then they call themselves a “Professional” Perth Wedding DJ with little to no experience.

Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio Patino says,

“Being a Perth Wedding DJ is not an easy job. Why? Because every wedding is different. Every Bride & Groom have different thoughts and feelings of what they want from their Wedding Day.”

“I have performed at over 2000 weddings and over the years I have learned more and more about music, cultures and the emotions a Bride & Groom have on their Wedding Day.”

“When I am DJing at a Perth Wedding, I am able to change very quickly the music I am playing and my MC style, as I have a lot of experience.”

“I have learned and realised that I am a part of a very sensitive, emotive and delicate event, and it’s very important that I deliver what I have written and promised.”

“I find it an absolute honour to DJ/MC at Perth Weddings.”

Do not take a chance with your Perth Wedding Reception.

When you book Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio Patino, you have booked a Perth DJ that is very responsive when communicating with you.

You have booked a Perth Wedding DJ that prides himself  being Professional and Passionate.

You have booked a Perth Wedding DJ that knows he has a lot of responsibility riding on his shoulders to perform as a DJ/MC, and deliver an awesome Wedding Reception Experience!

With his attention to quick, responsive communications, and intricate detail, Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio Patino provides you security knowing that you have chosen a Passionate and Professional Perth Wedding DJ/MC for one of the most important days of your life – your wedding day.

Call Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio Patino Now on 0404 344 762 to arrange an obligation free Meet and Greet.

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Australian | Italian | Greek
Macedonian | Croatian and Many other Cultures
Professional European
Wedding DJ Hire Perth
DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

With his impressive bi-lingual skills and diverse cultural styles, he is considered one of Perth’s best European entertainers. He believes it is a true honour to help make someone’s special day extraordinary and he enjoys putting a smile on the faces of many happy couples.

Being of Italian/Greek descent, DJ Giorgio Patino has performed at many European Weddings.

With his ability to speak Italian, Greek, Macedonian and Croatian at Perth Weddings, DJ Giorgio Patino has the experience and versatility to make a great night, awesome !

“Dancing on the Clouds!”

Your Wedding Day is one of the Biggest Days of your lives.
Your Wedding Reception is one of the Biggest Night’s of your Lives.
One of the most memorable moments of your wedding day is your Bridal Dance; your first dance together as Husband and Wife.

“Dancing on the Clouds!”

Imagine having your first dance on a romantic cloud of thick low lying smoke…
Your Photographs will look Stunning and Graceful, and your “Dancing on the Clouds” experience will be one…of many, talking points of your Wedding Day.
Turn one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day into a Unique Wedding Dance Experience.
Transform your Bridal Dance; your Pictures; and your Wedding Video from one of the biggest nights of your lives into a truly stunning, magical experience.

“The Ultimate First Dance Experience”

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DJ Giorgio Patino’s
Wedding DJ Hire Perth

  • A Professional, Passionate and Friendly DJ/MC with over 28 yrs experience willing to go that extra mile!

  • Obligation free; pre-booking consultation; a meet n greet.

  • Pre-Wedding Interview – A pre-wedding interview to discuss the finer details of your wedding and music selection.

  • Professional Sound and Lighting for your event.

  • Apple Imac 20″ computer with an external hard drive.

  • A backup Apple MacBook Pro with a backup drive.

  • Concert Level; Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD/SD/USB/Rekordbox Players

  • Concert Level; Pioneer DJM850 Mixer

  • Professional Audio Level; Mackie SRM450 Powered Speakers & Powered Subwoofer; Series 1

  • Cordless Microphones

  • LED Lighting


Wedding DJ Hire Perth
DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

Your wedding day is an investment of Detailed Planning, Emotions and High Expectations.

Perth Wedding DJ Giorgio works with you from the very first phone call to the very last song to ensure your day is exactly what you dreamed it would be.

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Music for Your Wedding Ceremony…

Whether you are having an intimate wedding ceremony located out in the open within a vineyard in the Swan Valley, or in at St Brigid’s Church in Northbridge, DJ Giorgio has an option which may suit your needs.

Perth DJ, DJ Giorgio can also provide you Wedding Ceremony Services.

You can trust in the professionalism of DJ Giorgio knowing that your Perth Wedding Ceremony Music, will be played at the appropriate time and at the appropriate volume.

Perth DJ, DJ Giorgio can also assist with the planning of your Perth Wedding Ceremony as well as music suggestions.

Call Wedding DJ Hire Perth Giorgio Patino Now on 0404 344 762 to arrange a an obligation free interview to discuss your exact requirements.


An invitation from Perth Wedding DJ/MC Hire
DJ Giorgio Patino

Would you like to Meet before making a booking?

DJ Giorgio recommends to all his customers that prior to making a formal booking, you should come and meet him.

DJ Giorgio provides a free consultation service for all of his prospective customers to meet and discuss the details of their event with him – a Meet n Greet.

This is an opportune time to find out about you, your musical tastes, how you envisage your special day, and how together we can make those dreams become a reality.

You can meet with DJ Giorgio any during normal business hours or after hours.

To make an appointment simply click here to make an Online Appointment Booking or Complete the Request a Quote Form or call him on 0404 344 762.

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