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Wedding DJ Hire Perth | DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

When I perform at any event I have the prime opportunity to video capture some of the event on my phone.

While I am at an event, I try to capture as much footage as I possibly can, without distracting me from my primary reason why I am there in first place!

The majority of my events are weddings, and my Brides and Grooms are absolutely wrapt when they see the video I have compiled of their wedding reception.

They quite often see “another perspective” of their event; a perspective they would not normally see.

I am no professional videographer, however I do believe the message that I want to deliver does come across.

I hope you enjoy them.


DJ Giorgio Patino

PS – as much as I would love to capture video footage from all my events, sometimes it’s just not possible.

29th April 2017
Ramzi & Anne-Marie
Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth
Wedding DJ Hire Perth
DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

What a Wedding!

I have performed at so many events over the last 28 years, and this wedding, will long remain a strong memory in me.

The vibe on the night was extraordinary. Everyone was involved. Everyone was there to have a great time. And everyone did.

The coming together of two different cultures; Italian and Arabic.

From the outside it sounds unorthodox; but on the inside, it works perfectly…perfectly in harmony.

The Bride; Anne-Marie; absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

Her attention to detail at the reception was second to none. The Pan Pacific Golden Ballroom was dressed to impress, yet not being too flamboyant.

Her choice in the subtle items was impressive. There was no stone left unturned by Anne-Marie.

Ramzi…what a gentleman.

You can see through this man’s eyes into his heart, and you will read that his heart is filled with an adoration and admiration for his love Anne-Marie.

Their love they have for each other is evergreen.

Ramzi and Anne-Marie deserve nothing but happiness on their journey together as husband and wife.

Good Luck and thanks again for choosing DJ/MC Giorgio Patino for your Wedding.

It was an honour and it certainly was fun!

11th February 2017
Alissa & Zac
Joondalup Resort
Wedding DJ Hire Perth
DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

When you have the Grooms side being Greek…and…the Brides side being Italian!

You can only imagine what fun we had at the Wedding Reception!

And what a night it was…all wedding guests; irrespective whether they were Italian, Greek or Australian, they all embraced the cross pollination of cultures!

They all danced, and drank and danced and drank!

Everyone had a great time.

Alissa looked amazing, and that was so evident by the words spoken in Zac’s speech.

Personally, it was a great evening for me also…not only was I able to play music to suit both cultures, but I caught up with some old friends I had not seen for years.

Alissa and Zac, I cannot thank you both enough for choosing myself to be your DJ and MC at your wedding…I am thoroughly honoured and I look forward to seeing you both later this year at your Uncle’s birthday event.

13th October 2016
Rebecca & Luke
Caversham House
Wedding DJ Hire Perth
DJ/MC Giorgio Patino

When you have a wedding taking place on a Thursday evening, as Perth DJ, you would think to yourself “Mmm, are my guests going to dance tonight?”

Well, the answer to that question was really simple, “Yes, Yes and Yes.”

From the moment I welcomed the Bride & Groom and the Bridal Party, you can sense from the cheers, whistles and claps, that everyone was going to have a great time.

And that they did!

The food, along with their service at Caversham House was faultless…just like the Bride and Groom…what an awesome couple.

Rebecca and Luke was ever so easy to get along with, and that demeanour rolled on through to their wedding reception.

Rebecca and Luke, I had a great time at your wedding reception and I cannot thank you both enough for choosing me to to be a part of your celebrations.

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DJ Giorgio Patino

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